We are an animal rescue that provides a safe environment for those who have been bullied And those animals that need a home. We want to rebuild trust. Not just for the Animals but the people too. Animals will give them the love, purpose, And self confidence, to get back out in the world.                      

Society today has no place for high functioning, disabled, people. They don't look any different so others have Little, to no, tolerance for them. empathy and acceptance are not universal. this makes them easy targets for bullies. many struggle to fit in and never understand why everyone dislikes them. They are easily manipulated and taken advantage of. I want to provide them with a job That they can be proud of and a protected environment where they can Have a future. They have been left out, beat down, and pushed aside for too long. 

Bullying is an epidemic. It can be about someone's sexuality, appearance, nationality, disability, mental health, and hobbies. We need to stop trying to make everyone else happy, make ourselves happy. Show no shame.

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